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Goodbye Kiss Review

by Michael Grant

Following the success of debut single Around You, Ian Holmes is back with the relatable regret of a bad breakup. Or so it would seem...

Coming on May 1st, Goodbye Kiss is the second single from the South London based singer songwriter. It seems an almost ironic title as; such was the hostility of the relationship's end, there was no real opportunity for a loving farewell. As Holmes’ sings, “I gave your final breath a goodbye kiss”. It’s a tragic, haunting, remorseful line. A slight shock to the system when it comes just thirty seconds into a sophomore single. Holmes has promised raw, often uncomfortable, honesty and it looks like that’s exactly what we’re in for.

Again it’s a dark sound for a dark subject matter, the whispery and mysterious vocals are steadily becoming Holmes’ trademark. However, this time they are used to slightly different effect. In Around You the soft spoken words were oozing passion, here they almost tremble with regret. It points to a fundamental difference between the songs: lust versus love. His debut single was all about the seductive persuasion of a fling, but here we see a slightly more vulnerable side to the 25 year old.

It’s a side that many of us will have experienced after an especially volatile separation. “Throwing round words like knives” is one hell of a catchy hook, but it’s also potently powerful. Words are recklessly toyed with during arguments, and if you play with knives you’re bound to get hurt. Holmes’ description of the aftermath is also painfully relatable. She’s “lingering” and he can still “feel her presence”, it’s like some ghostly demon still weighing heavy on his home and heart.

Holmes’ almost seems to be using music as a therapy session, plumbing the depths of personal pain to make honest and interesting songs. It’s a commendable process and I, for one, am interested to see where it takes him next.

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